error MSB4016: The build stopped unexpectedly because the "WorkflowCentralLogger" logger failed unexpectedly during initialization

by XDK 13. February 2015 07:46


MSBUILD : error MSB4016: The build stopped unexpectedly because the "WorkflowCentralLogger" logger failed unexpectedly during initialization. TF400324: Team Foundation services are not available from server <TFS Server>.Technical information (for administrator):The proxy name could not be resolved: <Proxy Server>

Work Around:

Perform the following steps on Build controller & agent

1. Clean user cache

  • To clear the TFS client cache, delete all the contents under “C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Team Foundation\”

2. Reboot

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Build.targets (19): TF10131: The shelveset name _Build_XXXXX?queueId=XXXX contains more than 64 characters, contains one of the following characters: "/:<>\|*?; or ends with a space. Type a valid name and try again. Build.targets (19): The "Get" task failed unexpectedly.

by XDK 14. April 2014 11:41


This error occurs when attempting a gated checkin following environment:

* TFS 2012 Update 3 or earlier updates application server

* TFS 2010 SP1 Build Server

* "UpgradeTemplate.xaml" used for build process


This is a known issue that has been fixed with TFS 2012 Update 4

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How to query build controller and agent details in a collection database

by XDK 2. January 2014 08:51


SELECT a.ControllerId "Controller ID", a.DisplayName "Controller Name" , a.Status "Controller Status(1 - Active)",

b.AgentId "Agent ID", b.DisplayName "Agent Name", b.Status  "Agent Status(1 - Active)" FROM tbl_BuildController a , tbl_BuildAgent b where a.ControllerId = b.ControllerId


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Cannot add new build templates or create team projects on TFS because of error ‘The File Exists’

by XDK 16. December 2013 08:14



The error may occur when the following cache folder size increases.

C:\Users\<tfsservice account / Build account>\AppData\Local\Temp


Clearing the content of the following cache folder location resolved issue with build and team project creation. 

C:\Users\<tfsservice account / Build account>\AppData\Local\Temp


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Exception Message: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Management.Automation, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. (type FileNotFoundException)

by XDK 10. December 2013 09:12


Build fails with missing file: System.Management.Automation.dll, The InvokePowerShellCommand activity in Community TFS Build Extensions has a dependency on System.Management.Automation.DLL


Install Windows Management Framework 3.0 on the build server.


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