Python Operator Precedence

by XDK 12. August 2019 06:10

Note: Operators in the same row are evaluate left to right except ** (Exponentiation) which is right to left binding



Essential Installs to setup python development environment

by XDK 9. August 2019 15:09

Install commands:

Generic update:
sudo apt update

mySQL client install:
sudo apt install mysql-client

** mySQL login command **
mysql -h <RDS endpoint> -u <user name> -p <password>

apache server install:
sudo apt install apache2

python essentials install:
sudo apt install python3

** Refer here for pip install **

sudo apt-get purge python-pip
sudo python

sudo apt install python-pip
sudo pip install mysql-connector-python
sudo pip install pymysql

sudo pip install boto3

** Boto3 is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python, which allows Python developers to write software that makes use of services like Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. You can find the latest, most up to date, documentation at our doc site, including a list of services that are supported. **


Amazon Web Service | General | Python

File "/usr/bin/pip", line 9, in <module> from pip import main ImportError: cannot import name main

by XDK 9. August 2019 14:46


File "/usr/bin/pip", line 9, in <module> from pip import main ImportError: cannot import name main


The exception appears after installing python-pip in the environment. looks like, the script from github is outdated which may be the reason for the exception.

Quick Fix:

Reinstalling python-pip from website fixed the exception.

sudo apt-get purge python-pip
sudo python


Amazon Web Service | Python

What is serialization and Deserialization Python?

by XDK 7. August 2019 03:43


Python object serialization and deserialization is an important aspect of any non-trivial program. If in Python you save something to a file, if you read a configuration file, or if you respond to an HTTP request, you do object serialization and deserialization.

Serialization refers to the translation of object state into bytes to send it over the network or store it in hard disk. We need serialization because the hard disk or network infrastructure are hardware component and we cannot send objects because it understands just bytes and not objects

Pickling and Unpickling in Python.

Pickling in python refers to the process of serializing objects into binary streams, while unpickling is the inverse of that. It’s called that because of the pickle module in Python which implements the methods to do this.Pickling is useful when you want to save the state of your objects and reuse them at another time without losing any instance specific data. If you are using large files, CPickle is recommended. CPickle is implemented in C, making it much faster.


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