How to track TFS Job execution status?

by XDK 23. December 2014 11:09


You can query the list of TFS Jobs from the Tfs_Configuration database tbl_JobDefinition table

SELECT *  FROM [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_JobDefinition]

Job Id Job Name
077785F6-AB53-46C3-9519-0BC8CDFD8AF0 Message Queue Cleanup Job
C03C29A7-00AE-4E02-94BC-18ACA80E2EA2 Team Foundation Server Image Cleanup
DD7629E4-66BB-45F9-AD42-2651BD7E56B8 Team Foundation Server Send Email Confirmation Job
47EC1DEB-483A-441F-8F27-2E739FB69A2F Runtime SQM Data Collector Job
3C601170-8080-4A7D-B8E7-48E991F80C4A Team Foundation Server Application Tier Maintanence Job
68D12C31-4894-49C3-8E12-4D3E954C98E7 Team Foundation Server On Demand Identity Synchronization
D904F618-F83E-4727-B66B-5E032A3965DB Collection Servicing SQM Monitor
99653238-499B-437B-8E6E-5F4B6C0C6ABA Incremental Analysis Database Sync
C3483450-093E-415D-84B9-740C076219F0 CollectIdentityStatisticsJobExtension
B1516502-4633-432B-BDB3-74C802C5F2B7 Team Foundation Server Send Mail Job
544DD581-F72A-45A9-8DE0-8CD3A5F29DFE Team Foundation Server Periodic Identity Synchronization
AD129F91-596D-4BDC-9EEB-8E6D2BB13170 Full Analysis Database Sync
B19DDD28-9A95-42E2-9697-966FD822F1CD Prune Registry Audit Log
2ABF4FAB-5E36-4731-9E9F-9694C3CF0592 File Container Cleanup
519C2389-D96E-4B9A-A928-9FFB51F5FDFE Common Structures Warehouse Sync
63A78C70-8FE0-4743-BA2D-A00CF8C20FDF Security Identity Cleanup Job
7A3E559E-8EB7-4E90-A4F7-B7A2515D52B9 Team Foundation Server Framework File Service Cleanup
50CA7C9C-D868-4701-A5A3-D2459CC16A5E Optimize Databases
AF87E4CD-D421-4A24-BF16-D3A68371703E Team Foundation Server Database Optimization
8FC76967-DA5D-4D53-937B-E3EFC6AF0FCB Job History Cleanup Job
62C4F0BD-75EB-4A20-9C43-E3F479AB2F51 Optimize Databases
A4804DCF-4BB6-4109-B61C-E59C2E8A9FF7 Team Foundation Server Event Processing
AD9C60AE-5BF0-4AC0-BE56-F2988088859A Team Foundation Server Activity Logging Administration
81A90003-CA23-4E55-9320-F956F62A2477 Team Foundation Server Data Maintanence

Using the Job Id, you can get the job execution details from the Tfs_Configuration database tbl_JobHistory table

SELECT * FROM [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_JobHistory] where [JobId] = 'XXX'

Following query gets the "Team Foundation Server Send Mail Job"  details

SELECT * FROM [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_JobHistory] where [JobId] = 'B1516502-4633-432B-BDB3-74C802C5F2B7' 

tbl_JobHistory table field details

1) Job ID – Every job in the system has a unique id.

2) Job Agent ID – Every AT/Job Agent has a unique id.  This field is useful if you have multiple application tiers and you want to know which one the job executed on so that you can investigate the event log or performance counters.

3) Result – This is an integer that represents the result of the job. 

   0 = Succeeded

   1 = PartiallySucceeded

   2 = Failed

   3 = Stopped

   4 = Killed

   5 = Blocked

   6 = ExtensionNotFound

   7 = Inactive

   8 = Disabled

4) Queued Reason – This is an integer that represents the way a job was scheduled. 

   0 = No reason to execute the job

   1 = Job has a schedule

   2 = Queued manually

   4 = Queued manually while already in progress

   8 = Queued due to previous result (Blocked, Inactive)

5) Start Time – The local time that the job started executing on a job agent

6) End Time – The local time that the job finished executing on a job agent

7) Duration – The number of minutes that the job was executing for

8) Result Message – Jobs are able to log a status message when they finish executing.


How to process failed Jobs?

TFS Job details.

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